Comany Manifesto


“Saorsa” is a company which represents the true continuation of the professional and friendly relationship in a team of people, who believe that you can come to success with a variety of personalities, technological and personal qualities, and solidarity.

“Saorsa” means freedom.

We see ourselves as members of a pirate crew - all different but equally important for reaching our goals. Our goal is neither politics, nor cause. We believe that we are adaptive, intelligent and we are building a model for work which helps for integral complacency from our achievements.




In “Saorsa” we prove every day that:

Results are achieved with transparency and self-initiative.

The results can be equally developed financially, personally and professionally.

We always find the way towards what excites us and we do it.

We work hard only if we love what we do.

We do what we love and we share intellectually our accomplishments.

We get so much as we achieve.

We achieve so much because we believe that problems are solved with competence and not with “management”.

The hard work is not an excuse for undelivered results.

The results are worthless without us being mutually appreciated.

The environment defines the quality of the products, the motivation and life.



We are confident that the collective body trust is the key to building and polishing the native ethical principles between co-workers and employers.

This is why Saorsa is an organization which has a “flat structure”. There are responsibilities in Saorsa but no titles.

In Saorsa the roles are born and they fade away naturally - with the arising and dealing with never-ending challenges.




Pirate's handbook

The pirate’s handbook

If you believe that you share our point of view, you are tired of the process so far but you feel that you have more to give, this means that you belong with Saorsa.

To be a part of us you have to:

  • Believe in what we do.
  • Share your needs for motivation.
  • Share your motivation with us.
  • To rely on yourself for gathering and planning your tasks.
  • We shall not digest every bit of the necessary work; the initiative for this is yours.
  • We shall never reject any help for the right planning of your tasks.
  • We shall never turn down your criticism, as long as you have constructive suggestions.
  • We shall pay our whole attention towards you and your needs, as long as they are reasonable.


Questions and answers



In order to be effective, we in Saorsa follow some very simple rules.

Besides, distributing the knowledge equally, the discussions are a refreshing moment in tense situations.

Our past experience shows that the modern man sees the lack of time as his own omission or incapability to handle his job. We know that in most cases it is not like this. Problems can come from different sources, e.g. personal problems or bad planning. We work as a team in order to solve these exact problems.

We are trying to understand the others and to find a way towards them. Eventually there is no better relationship than friendship!

Passionate about technologies

Remember those children who used to play football all day long, immersively, who later on became professional football players? Or that famous piano player? Well, that's how we feel about technology. Doing our job is following our passion. Delivering outstanding quality is our way of scoring a goal.

Passionate about business models, too

We will sit with you in front of the business model canvas while dicussing our projects, striving to come with solutions that bring real business value to you.

Collaborative on the outside, pedantic on the inside

We reject as false the choice between pedantic and flexible behavior. We are flexible when we discuss our projects with you, we are pedantic when we follow our rules internally: Discussion is welcome, documentation is a must; New feature is accepted, unit tests come first.

Life-long learners

Whatever it is that you know today, will become obsolete tomorrow. Unless you're continuously learning about the emerging new technologies, you are becoming gradually useless. Learning is what we will always do.